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Stay in bed for longer with VigRX Delay Spray ...

Many men face the problem of not being able to hold their erection for too long and achieving orgasm too soon during intercourse. It is a reason for poor sex life and relationship problems for many couples since the women never feel satisfied with how their man performs. It is also a reason for declining self confidence in the male as he feels he is incapable of satisfying females.

VigRX Spray

However, a man should not beat himself too much about it since it is a common problem. Many men's penises are very sensitive to stimulation which is why they climax a lot earlier than their lady partners. If you think your penis is a lost case and you can do nothing about it, you are incorrect. VigRX Delay Spray is a way to prolong your performance and provide extended pleasure to your woman.

VigRX Delay Spray is a spray which has been designed to make your penis less sensitive to stimulation. This means that now you can prolong the intercourse for longer duration and satisfy your partner. By desensitizing your penis a bit, you can offer your partner increased pleasure and thus improve the experience for her as well as yourself.

If you are worried about the authenticity and genuineness of VigRX Delay Spray then worry not because it is a very safe to use product with more pros than cons. Let us discuss its pros and cons in a little more detail.


  • Last in bed for as long as thirty minutes
  • - You can pleasure your lady love with prolonged intercourse with the help of this product.
    - Spark up your sex life immensely and make her climax a lot more often and a lot more easily.

  • Apply it easily to your penis
  • - The spray is very easy to use.
    - All you need to do is spray some of it onto your penis and let it work on your penile nerves.
    - For every session, one to three sprays are enough.

  • VigRX Delay Spray contains benzocaine
  • - The VigRX Delay Spray contains benzocaine which is a mild anesthetic and rarely ever results in any side effects.
    - It also offers better performance than other alternatives like lidocaine.


  • Slight irritation
  • - Some men might experience mild irritation from benzocaine.
    - This is rare but possible.

  • Overuse can result in numbness
  • - In case you use it more than the suggested quantities, you might experience numbness.

  • Decreased sensitivity in partner
  • - If excess amounts of the spray remain on your penis, the spray can also get into the vagina of your partner which can counter the aim of using the product in the first place.
    - Wipe your penis carefully before indulging in any sexual act to minimize the chances of this.

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